What We Do

Here at Modern Dose we largely focus on preventative medicine and take a whole – body approach. We combine nutrition, lifestyle education, herbal medicine, practitioner grade supplementation and functional testing (when needed) to support our clients health care needs.

Areas we treat

  • Women’s health and hormones:

    Menstrual cycle concerns: Amenorrhea (missing periods), irregular, heavy and painful periods.

    Hormonal conditions: PCOS, endometriosis, PMS, PMDD, hormonal acne, post pill acne and transitional off birth control management.

    Vaginal and genitourinary health: Recurrent bacterial vaginosis, recurrent thrush, recurrent UTI, HPV and cervical health.


  • Digestive and gut microbiome health including:

    Gut infections, bacterial overgrowth, parasites and IBS symptoms.


  • Nervous system health:

    Stress management, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression and sleep issues.