What we do

Our Services

Initial Naturopathic Consultation | $190


Your initial consultation with Jana will last 90 minutes and is structured to understand you as much as possible. A comprehensive analysis of your health is taken including past history and your presenting issue with a deep dive into related body systems. Your current diet, lifestyle and any recent pathology tests are reviewed to help connect the dots and move forward. You will then be sent a digital treatment plan which will include:

  • Holistic understanding of your current health presentation.
  • Holistic goals for healing.
  • Specific nutrition and lifestyle recommendations.
  • A personalised herbal formula specific to your health needs if required.
  • Practitioner only supplement prescriptions if required.
  • Further functional pathology testing if required.

The Review Follow Up | $90


Usually held four – six weeks after your initial consultations. Follow up consultations are an important part of your health journey, as they provide support, accountability and guidance. This is a chance to check in, review any pathology or functional test results, further develop your treatment goals and protocol or adjust/repeat any prescriptions.

  • Review of health symptoms and health plan.
  • Ongoing nutrition and lifestyle support.
  • Analysis of any pathology results or functional testing.
  • Updates or repeats to herbal and supplement prescriptions if required.


The Quick Script | $65


This is a 30 minute consultation to discuss acute conditions. This type of consultation is ideal if you have suddenly come down with a cold/flu, having trouble sleeping, suddenly experiencing a period of high stress or simply wanting to get tailored supplements or herbal medicine. Acute consults are designed to provide short term care for short term ailments.

Note: A longer consultation may be advised after further investigation of your condition.

Supplement Review | $40


The world of supplementation can be overwhelming, with many different brands, health claims and dosages. This 15 minute consult will provide you with naturopathic guidance and advice on any current supplementation you are taking.

You will also gain access to high grade practitioner only supplementation that is correct for your individual health needs.

Connection Call | Complimentary


This is a complimentary call to discuss your health concerns/condition. A chance to further understand the consultation process, ask any questions you may have and decide if naturopathic treatment with Jana is right for you.

Please note the 15 minute connection call is within New Zealand only.

What is Naturopathy

Naturopathy is a holistic approach to health and wellness. 

Our services focus on

Nutrition as medicine.
Lifestyle modifications.
Personalised herbal medicine.
Nutrient support through therapeutic supplementation.
Pathology and functional testing (if needed) to treat the root cause of modern day health problems.