Frequently Asked Questions:

What is involved in a consultation with Jana?

Your initial consultation with Jana will last 90 minutes and is structured to understand you as much as possible. A comprehensive analysis of your health is taken including past history and your presenting issue with a deep dive into related body systems.

Nutrition, lifestyle and emotional aspects are also  assessed. You will be presented with a digital treatment plan that includes dietary and lifestyle recommendations as well as herbal medicine or practitioner only supplementation recommendation which may be prescribed depending on your health condition. If appropriate, Jana may also make recommendations for further pathology or functional testing.

How can I best prepare for my initial consultation?

To make the most out of your initial consultation, here are some things you can do to prepare:

  • Fill out the Client Health Questionnaire (which will be included in your booking confirmation email) with as much information as possible.
  • Include a list of any medications & supplements you are taking including the brand and dosage.
  • Attach copies of your most recent (last 6 months) blood tests to your Client Health Questionnaire (if applicable).
  • For online consultation, make sure you have the Zoom app downloaded on your device and find a place with good quality internet connection that is away from distractions.
What qualification does Jana have?

Jana holds a Bachelor of Natural Medicine (BNatMed). Is a qualified and registered Naturopath and is a registered member of the Naturopaths & Medical Herbalist of New Zealand (Inc). Jana also holds a Bachelor of Sport and Recreation with a major in exercise science and nutrition and is a qualified personal trainer and yoga instructor.

I don’t live in Auckland, can I still book a consultation?

Yes, your consultation can be done one of two ways; face-to-face at our Devonport clinic (based inside the Natural Health Co.) or online via Zoom (a free video conference call). You will receive an email with the link to your Zoom meeting two days before your appointment.

Is supplementation and herbal medicine included in the consultation price?

Any practitioner supplementation or herbal medicine that is recommended or prescribed to you comes at an additional cost to the consult fee.

How do I receive my practitioner only supplements or herbal medicine?

After your initial consultation is complete, Jana will set you up with an account and send you an online prescription link with your recommended practitioner supplementation or herbal medicine tinctures. Products will be shipped directly to your front door.

Is functional testing available?

Yes, Jana utilises functional testing when appropriate to find the root cause of illness and further support your health journey. The suitability of functional testing is discussed in your consultation and recommended only if it will be beneficial to your treatment.

Functional testing can include:

  • The DUTCH (dried urine test for comprehensive hormones).
  • Complete Microbiome Mapping.
  • The Organic Acids Test.
  • Vaginal Microbiome Mapping
  • Others depending on your presenting health condition.

Note: functional testing is only available to clients working with Jana and requires an initial consultation. If you are interested in testing please contact Jana at: to discuss more.

I have more questions, can we chat?

Yes, you can contact Jana through the complimentary connection call in the booking system where you can ask any further questions you may have. This gives you the opportunity to chat so you can make sure Jana is the right practitioner for you.