A dose of wellness for the modern day woman.

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Welcome to Modern Dose,

The naturopathic medicine clinic that believes nature + science is the answer.

I’m Jana, your holistic health practitioner, registered Nutritionist, Naturopath and Medical Herbalist and the face behind Modern Dose. Here to unclutter your medicine cabinet and focus on the modern day woman, seeking balanced, natural and holistic health which mainstream medicine no longer provides.



Naturopathic medicine is based upon the healing powers of nature and addresses the root cause of dis-ease. We use a variety of modalities to support the optional function of all body system. Such as nutrition, herbal medicine, practitioner grade supplementation, lifestyle interventions and functional testing which mainstream medicine may not provide.



Food really is your mood and your diet can either hinder or enhance your health. We love using food as medicine, its a therapeutic tool which can really make lasting impressions on the quality of your life. We don’t subscribe to one way of eating, but instead work with you, your lifestyle and condition and your individual nutritional needs.

Herbal Medicine


With the aid of science and evidence-based research, herbal medicine can have a therapeutic affect on the body. At Modern Dose formulating individual herbal tonics is one of our most treasured parts of our practice. Each blend is customised to our clients health representation. It’s personalised medicine, because no two people are the same.

Kind words from clients:

“Absolutely love working with Jana on healing my hormonal imbalances and adrenal issues. She is super approachable, friendly and knowledgeable which makes this holistic health journey less overwhelming and manageable. She provides lifestyle and diet suggestions as well, which help with the long-term results and ensures that the issue is permanently fixed which is great. I’ve only been seeing her for a short amount of time but am already feeling and seeing results. Would highly recommend Jana.”

— Jessica W

“Jana is nothing short of amazing.
Her genuine interest in both forming a relationship with me as a client and getting to the bottom of my health concerns are so apparent in her approach. We could talk for hours! I’ve had gut and skin issues for as long as I can remember and I reached out to Jana in a final plea to get to the bottom of what’s causing me so many issues. Just three months into my protocol, I’ve seen such a drastic change in my health I don’t know what to do with myself!
Jana is realistic and relatable with her approach and tailors her recommendations based on your lifestyle which I love. Being a late 20’s female in a high-stress work environment, my health can yo-yo in the busier months. What I love most about Jana is she sets achievable health goals and protocols that fit within your lifestyle to set you up for success. She’s always so responsive on email, never makes you feel like you’ve asked a silly question, and goes above and beyond to achieve results. Best investment I’ve made!”

— Briana Lonsdale

“I call it Serendipity. Finding Jana in this moment of my life was like magic. Just after 2 weeks of starting my treatment plan I 100% felt the changes in my energy levels. I had an honest conversation about my health with Jana. She listened to every aspect of my life, taking into consideration every detail which made me feel safe. Watching her crafting herbal medicine in such a careful way, was so special because I knew it was made just for me and exactly full of the goodness I needed. Jana helped me look at my current situation so clearly and helped me to understand that to improve all aspects of my health, I needed to take it one step at a time. Starting with balancing my stress levels and making conscious changes to my lifestyle.
I’m in love with this process so far, Jana thank you so much.”

— Juanita V.

“Jana helped me so much with all of her experience and knowledge. I was having many issues with my gut health, hormones, and menstrual cycle. She has been guiding me and assisting me back to the healthiest version of myself and also educating me along the way. With this new found understanding of my body, thanks to Jana, I will now be able to manage my health long term. She has been an absolute miracle worker. I highly recommend Jana. She took the time to understand me and my body, and genuinely cares about her clients. Thank you again.”

— Lucy Ravizza

A dose of wellness for the modern day human • A dose of wellness for the modern day human • A dose of wellness for the modern day human • A dose of wellness for the modern day human • A dose of wellness for the modern day human • A dose of wellness for the modern day human